Bookmakers that share odds

If you have searched on Google which bookmakers share quotas, it is because you have observed that the quotas between some bookmakers coincide suspiciously.

This is because some of them share the provider responsible for providing the entire web infrastructure.

When this external company is the same in several bookmakers, the quotas and markets are shared, so you have practically two clones in which the differences are marked by the offers or promotions that you can make at specific times and that depend on the policy Internal of each company.

Which bookmakers share quotas?

From what we have seen in recent years, two examples are obvious: PAF shares quotas with Wanabet, while Pastón shares quotas with Betsson.

You just have to go to any of these websites and compare the fees between them to see that they are the same.

PAF and Wanabet

We are going to give an example, we have gotten into PAF , and Wanabet , and we have chosen a couple of matches of the 2019 Copa América.

As you can see below, the odds are repeated in these bookmakers , the only thing that differentiates them by small margin is in the number of bets available at that time, although it is expected that as the time of the game approaches the numbers will be They match too.

This happens because those bookmakers trust the same service provider. In other words, the company that provides them with the odds in real time and the entire technical part is the same and therefore they share not only the odds, but the way of presenting the bets live, the number of markets, practically traced in all of them.

Update: 888 Sport used to share fees with PAF and Wanabet , but since Summer 2019 it has changed supplier fees, and now they are different. PAF and Wanabet continue to share fees.

This does not mean that the 2 bookmakers are equal, since there are important differences in welcome bonuses as well as in the promotions that each one makes for its clients.

For example in you have a very special welcome bonus since you have € 30 insured when depositing: € 10 for your first deposit in real money, and € 20 in real money if you fail your first bet.

Wanabet is one of the few bookmakers that offers super-fees for new users who are paid in real money , which allows you to have a significant profit as soon as you register outside the welcome bonus of up to € 100.

Pastón and Betsson

Another similar situation occurs when we compare Pastón and Betsson’s quotas . As you can see in the following screenshot, in a somewhat more reddish tone you can see Betsson’s quotas above while in more bluish tones you can see Pastón’s. All are identical.

This situation is repeated when we talk about casino, since many of the casino games such as slots, slots, roulette or blackjack, are repeated in many online casinos.

This is because they are created by external companies such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Netent and many more and it is the bookmakers who must decide whether to implement those “packages” of play in their offer. That’s why they repeat so much.

What Is The Origin Of Sports Betting?

Sports betting has been integrated into the daily lives of hundreds of millions of players. Every day, sometimes a month or even occasionally, who has not put a coin to the result of a football or tennis match? The bets are almost as old as the world. Discover the history of this popular hobby. Let’s see where sports betting comes from and how long ago it started.

History of sports betting

It is difficult to establish the exact moment of the appearance of sports betting in the world. Some archaeologists, however, speculate that the history of sports betting goes back to prehistory, where it is believed that men fought each other for rewards. The only evidence of its existence comes from ancient Greece.

The origins of sports betting in ancient Greece

Nowadays it is known that the Greeks were sports lovers and that they liked to organize great competitions like the Olympic Games. These competitions, dating back more than 2000 years, became an opportunity for people to bet on the victory of their favorite athletes.

History of sports betting among the Romans

Taking advantage of the Greek heritage, the Romans adopted certain practices, including sports competitions. However, they gave a new face to these contests by giving an especially important place to sports betting. In this order of ideas, the Romans implemented competitions such as car races, animal fights, and also fights between men condemned to death and felines. The best known competitions are, of course, Gladiator fights. The Romans turned the sport into a real business with athletes and fighting animals together with a predominant place for sports betting.

Internet revolutionizes sports betting

Today, sports betting has gained enormous importance and a large market has developed around them. It is, of course, the arrival of the Internet in the 90s that revolutionized the world of sports betting. In fact, with the Internet, sports betting had the opportunity to operate online, which gave the possibility to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to bet from home and instantly in most sports competitions to world level

Additionally, people can now watch sports competitions in their homes and have access to many analysis and statistics websites to test and win bets. Of course, there is also a strong marketing component, where emphasis is placed on sports betting, whether on television, on the Internet, on billboards and even on players’ shirts. This type of advertising brings hope and the promise of easy money to punters and this is what attracts many people to want to try their luck.

Professional Bettors

It is difficult, once again, to say when the professional punters appeared. But it is indisputable, however, that today it is possible to live on sports betting, which probably did not happen 30 years ago.

In fact, we have seen new players appear on the Internet. Those who not only bet for pleasure, but play to generate a real business and make this activity a full time job; Poker is a good example of that. Indeed, before the Internet, there were very few professional poker players. They were only a few and played in the most important tournaments in Las Vegas.

However, with the advent of online poker, it has turned out that, as of 2000, hundreds of professional poker players can live extremely well from poker.

We are in a moment in the history of sports betting in which the game is professional and in which some punters stand out and create real fortunes. It is clear that sports betting can be very lucrative for some punters. However, the general level of punters is low because they play only to please themselves and not to earn money. Although one could, with the right strategy, be in 5% of punters who win long-term sports bets. And if that adds a lot of work, then it is possible to really live on sports betting.

What Are The Best Online Betting Promotions?

Sports betting offers – How do they work?

Bookmakers offer their best online betting promotions to conquer and build customer loyalty. With a policy increasingly oriented to punters, sports betting sites compete fiercely. However, as a player, you have to be careful not to get carried away by the size of these offers, since they are not always so easy to obtain. Below we will tell you the secret about the best online betting offers. Let’s go directly into the matter with the most famous of these: the welcome bonus.

What is the Welcome Bonus?

As the name implies, the welcome or registration bonus is specifically for new punters. Therefore, when you are new to an operator, they will offer you a welcome bonus as soon as you open your account.

“First bet without cost!” Is usually the phrase found in sports betting to refer to the welcome bonus. As you can see, sports betting will refund your first bet in case of loss. But that is not the only possibility, some operators offer to double your first deposit for being a new player, others will offer you free bets. However, it must be taken into account that these offers are subject to specific conditions that must be met before obtaining them.

How to get a welcome bonus at a sports betting site?

It is not always easy to make use of these welcome offers, especially when one is a beginner. First, you have to keep in mind that bonuses are not cashed in the same way as a regular bet. Let’s talk about the offer of the first bet at no cost. In general, sports betting houses offer a refund of 100% of the value of the bet, however, in this promotion a refund limit is specified, in addition, the first condition to benefit from this offer is that the bet in question is loser If by chance it is a winning bet, then there will be no bonus, although you will get the winnings of that bet.


For example, an operator offers a 100% refund within the limit of 50,000 pesos. If you bet 20,000 pesos on your first bet and lose, you will be reimbursed the bonus amount, or 20,000 pesos, for a new bet. It will be the same for a lost bet of 40,000 pesos where the refund will be 40,000 pesos. But when you bet an amount equal to or greater than 50,000 pesos, the refund will not exceed this value. Why? Simply because the maximum threshold was 50,000 pesos. Therefore, even if you lose more than 50,000 pesos, the amount reimbursed will not be higher.

Let’s move on to the second possibility of the welcome offer: increase of the first deposit. In this case, when you make your first deposit, the bookmaker will grant you an additional credit, equal in value to your first deposit. But, to collect this bonus, you will have to bet the amount offered, several times. Take an example of another operator that offers 100% of the first deposit within the limit of 100,000 pesos. To withdraw the amount equivalent to the amount of the bonus, you must bet it 3 times. Assuming you have a deposit bonus of 40,000 pesos, you must bet 40,000 pesos * 3, or a total of 120,000 pesos to withdraw the money.

However, the bonus will not wait for you indefinitely. In fact, bookmakers give you a specific deadline to unlock them. In some cases, it is 60 days and in others, 90. Some bookmakers cancel both the unlocked amount and the remaining amount to be unlocked once the term expires. Others are more forgiving and will let you keep the part of the bonus you already unlocked. Do not be surprised by these maneuvers, it is very important to read the general terms and conditions of each online betting offer before starting.