What are welcome bonuses?

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    When you go to register at a bookmaker, the first thing you see is the welcome bonus offers for new users. If you are new to betting, you may not know what those bonuses consist of or what it means to accept them when you register.

    In this article we want to explain what welcome bonuses are , how they work and what are the best bonuses to bet at the moment.

    What are welcome bonuses?

    Welcome bonuses are offers that bookmakers launch to attract users and usually consist of providing new customers with extra money to place their bets .

    That money to bet is accounted for independently at the first entry of the bettor and is not really in the user’s possession until the user does not meet a series of requirements to release or unlock it. It is known as “rollover”.

    If, by a certain date stipulated in the bonus conditions, those requirements have not been met, the bonus money is lost and the user keeps the amount of money he has in his real money account.

    This is the most common type of welcome bonus, but there are others.

    What types of welcome bonuses are there?

    Normally, welcome bonuses equal or double the first income of each new customer up to a certain amount. When you see that a welcome bonus gives you 100% of your first income up to € 100, what they are saying is that they will give you the same as your income, up to € 100.

    That is, if you deposit € 50, they will give you another € 50, if you deposit € 100, they will give you another € 100, if you deposit € 300, they will give you € 100.

    There are bonuses that give 200% of the income up to € 200. That means that if you enter € 50, they give you € 100. If you enter € 100, they give you € 200. We believe it is clear.

    First safe bet

    Other bonuses, on the other hand, ensure the client’s first bet and if he loses it, he is reimbursed up to a certain amount, either with the return in real money, or in the form of a free bonus that the client must put into play in a term stipulated in the conditions of use.

    No deposit

    There are also welcome bonuses without deposit , in which case the new customer is awarded a bonus to bet of an amount that usually ranges between € 5 and € 15 and that serves to make contact with the betting platform without need of spending anything This bonus also expires within a few days, after which the user must deposit some amount if he wishes to continue betting.

    Super fees

    You can also register using some offer with super fees , which may or may not be compatible with the welcome bonus. These offers simply significantly improve the normal quota of an event but they pay you the profit in the form of a bonus and not in real money.

    That is, if for a match X, the victory of team Y is paid at odds 1.50 and the offer pays you fee 6.00 for a bet of € 10 maximum, that means they will give you € 60 if you hit it. € 50 profit + € 10 of your bet.

    What is the rollover? How to release the bonds?

    The rollover is the conditions to release the bonus. Unlocking the bonus means that you can convert the bonus balance into real money and therefore transfer it to your bank account if you wish.

    Normally the rollover of welcome bonuses consists of putting into play or betting a certain amount, several times, and for a limited time.

    Most bonus rollovers are something similar to this: “To release the bonus it is necessary to bet the bonus amount 6 times on bets at odds 1.70 or greater before 60 days.”

    That is, if you have a 100% bonus up to € 100, you have deposited € 100 and you have a bonus of that amount, for the example above, you would have to place bets worth € 600, on bets with odds not less than 1.7 and you would have 60 days to do so from the date the bonus was granted.

    What is the minimum deposit?

    All bookmakers require a minimum deposit before granting you the welcome bonus. This minimum deposit usually ranges between € 5 and € 10, but may be higher. It is simply the minimum amount you have to enter to qualify for the bonus.

    That a bonus is 100% of your deposit up to € 100 does not mean that you have to deposit € 100 to enjoy it. If that bonus had a minimum deposit condition of € 10, depositing € 10, they would give you another € 10 to bet.

    Is there a maximum limit to deposit?

    Normally bonuses are limited both above and below. In other words, there is a minimum deposit and a maximum bonus.

    For example, you can have a 100% bonus up to € 200 with a minimum deposit of € 5.

    If you arrive and deposit € 500 there is no problem. You will have € 500 in your account to bet, and an additional € 200 bonus.

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