Bookmakers that share odds

  • Bookmakers that share odds

    If you have searched on Google which bookmakers share quotas, it is because you have observed that the quotas between some bookmakers coincide suspiciously.

    This is because some of them share the provider responsible for providing the entire web infrastructure.

    When this external company is the same in several bookmakers, the quotas and markets are shared, so you have practically two clones in which the differences are marked by the offers or promotions that you can make at specific times and that depend on the policy Internal of each company.

    Which bookmakers share quotas?

    From what we have seen in recent years, two examples are obvious: PAF shares quotas with Wanabet, while Pastón shares quotas with Betsson.

    You just have to go to any of these websites and compare the fees between them to see that they are the same.

    PAF and Wanabet

    We are going to give an example, we have gotten into PAF , and Wanabet , and we have chosen a couple of matches of the 2019 Copa América.

    As you can see below, the odds are repeated in these bookmakers , the only thing that differentiates them by small margin is in the number of bets available at that time, although it is expected that as the time of the game approaches the numbers will be They match too.

    This happens because those bookmakers trust the same service provider. In other words, the company that provides them with the odds in real time and the entire technical part is the same and therefore they share not only the odds, but the way of presenting the bets live, the number of markets, practically traced in all of them.

    Update: 888 Sport used to share fees with PAF and Wanabet , but since Summer 2019 it has changed supplier fees, and now they are different. PAF and Wanabet continue to share fees.

    This does not mean that the 2 bookmakers are equal, since there are important differences in welcome bonuses as well as in the promotions that each one makes for its clients.

    For example in you have a very special welcome bonus since you have € 30 insured when depositing: € 10 for your first deposit in real money, and € 20 in real money if you fail your first bet.

    Wanabet is one of the few bookmakers that offers super-fees for new users who are paid in real money , which allows you to have a significant profit as soon as you register outside the welcome bonus of up to € 100.

    Pastón and Betsson

    Another similar situation occurs when we compare Pastón and Betsson’s quotas . As you can see in the following screenshot, in a somewhat more reddish tone you can see Betsson’s quotas above while in more bluish tones you can see Pastón’s. All are identical.

    This situation is repeated when we talk about casino, since many of the casino games such as slots, slots, roulette or blackjack, are repeated in many online casinos.

    This is because they are created by external companies such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Netent and many more and it is the bookmakers who must decide whether to implement those “packages” of play in their offer. That’s why they repeat so much.

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